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Sun Song is Monotronic’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The new single “Sun Song” from Monotronic starts with an intriguing spell.

Sun Song is Monotronic’s Single Out Now

A repetitive, hypnotic guitar riff lays the groundwork, drawing you in with its insistent pulse.

Then, the vocals kick in, delivered with a deep, rich timbre that seems to speak directly to your soul. It’s a voice that carries a depth of emotion, even within the song’s pop framework.

The verses are introspective and intense, a stark contrast to the soaring, catchy chorus.

The melody in the chorus is pure sunshine, a burst of uplifting energy that washes over you. It’s a clever juxtaposition that reflects the song’s lyrical depth hidden beneath its catchy exterior.

The accompanying video for “Sun Song” is just as impactful as the music itself. The use of extreme saturation is almost overwhelming at first, but it becomes an artistic statement, mirroring the band’s layered approach to songwriting.

The vibrant colours hint at the deeper message lurking beneath the surface of this seemingly straightforward pop song.

The production on “Sun Song” is top-notch, everything polished and gleaming without sacrificing rawness or emotion.

Monotronic has crafted a song that’s instantly accessible and surprisingly complex. “Sun Song” is a bright spot in your day, a dose of sonic sunshine delivered with a touch of hidden depth.

Sun Song is Monotronic’s Single Out Now!


Created from the vision of guitarist/producer Ramsey Elkholy, Monotronic combines his love for music with his inspiration from other cultures. Much of these influences are a result of his extensive travels throughout India and Southeast Asia. Spending two years backpacking throughout the world and studying Indian music in Calcutta, he later returned to Southeast Asia as a graduate student and lived among the Orang Rimba tribe in the rainforests of Sumatra, Indonesia for 2 years.

Living this “collective” mode of life where the group is valued over the individual and everything is shared is an idea that Elkholy brings to Monotronic, where every musician is encouraged to bring their own creativity to produce truly “collective” music.

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