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Tales of the Unconnected is The Levy Circus’ Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The Levy Circus explodes onto the scene with their album, “Tales of the Unconnected.”

Tales of the Unconnected is The Levy Circus’ Album Out Now

What truly sets them apart is their fearless genre-blending, creating a sonic gumbo that is truly unique.

Imagine a wild jam session where Johnny Cash and the Eagles bump into David Bowie and The Beatles – that’s the kind of energy this album I felt listening to these songs.

The album merges Western vibes with a classic English songwriting style, all sprinkled with dashes of alternative rock and funky grooves.

Tracks like “Danger Zone” and “On My Way Home” lean heavily on country influences, evoking dusty plains and lonesome melodies.

However, The Levy Circus isn’t afraid to veer off course. “The Hurricane” throws us headfirst into an alt-rock soundscape reminiscent of R.E.M., showcasing the band’s versatility.

“Casting Shadows” stands out with its ethereal beauty, blending nostalgia with a flicker of hope.

“Everything Is Going My Way” is a clear love letter to The Beatles, capturing their uplifting spirit and rich arrangements.

Throughout the entire album, the musicianship shines through. Each member brings their own distinct voice to the table, and together they create a deep and genuine connection with the listener.

“Tales of the Unconnected” is a genre-bending masterpiece that refuses to be contained. It’s a wild ride through a kaleidoscope of influences, leaving the listener exhilarated and hungry for more.

Tales of the Unconnected is The Levy Circus‘ Album Out Now!


Tales of the Unconnected is The Levy Circus’ Album Out Now

The Levy Circus are: Miles Levy is Lead Vocalist with acoustic guitar and song writer, Graham Jones is Lead guitar and song writer, Eddie Giacobbe is bass player and harmonies, Oscar Muto is keys, harmonica and squeeze box, Ammar Al Chalabi is on drum.

Miles is Professor of Endocrinology at a teaching hospital and always played music decided on a medical career. When the music flowed with Graham and new songs being written the demo got into the hands of a music PR who sent to a record label who loved the tracks and insisted we recorded Tales of the Unconnected. Graham Jones is a teacher and everyone between the ages of 7 and 30 in the Market Harborough area have been taught by Graham and say he is a legend and their favourite teacher. Graham and Miles bonded when Miles picked his kids up on the school run on Friday afternoon with his kids waiting outside the class rooom whilst Miles and Graham wrote songs on acoustic guitars in the classroom. Eddie (bass) is amazing and currently depping for 602/70s band Eddison Lighthouse who had a hit single. Eddie is Italian and his cousin Oscar Muto is a multi-instrumentalist who teaches music and previous ran his own business (he designed the life-sized kinky boot!). Oscar and Eddie used to play as kids roaming from one Italian village to another under their impressario Italian uncle. Ammar (drums) is a famous professor of Neurologyin London – he gets massive grants for genetics of motor neurone disease and looked after Stephen Hawking. Miles is a well knownprofessor of endocrinology and has recently changed the name of a medical condition around the world.

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