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The Blessed Ghost is Voodoo Bloo’s Album | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
Voodoo Bloo are back with a new Album, are you ready for this great experience?

The Blessed Ghost is Voodoo Bloo’s Album | Indie Music

The vibes on this album are fantastic.

A dark and powerful sound amplified by the magnificent voice of the singer… why are these guys not yet at the top of the charts?

Sometimes I think the algorithms are not that smart because they should push bands like Voodoo Bloo and amplify their visibility.

I honestly don’t know what more you could want from a band. They play well, there is a musical understanding between the various members of the band, and the vocal timbre of the singer is unique. Their compositional level is mature and refined.

I liked all the songs on The Blessed Ghost, a really good album. I have found no flaws with this musical product. Maybe because I really like this kind of nostalgic and mysterious atmosphere.

If I were a producer I would sign this band right away. I am convinced that these guys will be very successful.

10 out of 10!

The Blessed Ghost is Voodoo Bloo’s Album Out Now!


The Blessed Ghost is Voodoo Bloo’s Album | Indie Music

New Zealand Rock band Voodoo Bloo release their 12-track sophomore album ‘The Blessed Ghost’. Following on from debut album Jacobus along with a slew of single releases that’s seen praises across both hemispheres, the Wellington-based Rock outfit is back with their most ambitious offering yet.

The Blessed Ghost centers around themes of self-discovery, love interests and confronting your own demons all via a fictional character represented throughout the album acting as a vice for the band’s own personal experiences.

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