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The Death Spell is The Death Spell’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Get ready to throw your head back and scream along – The Death Spell’s self-titled debut album is a sonic assault that will awaken your inner rock warrior.

The Death Spell is The Death Spell’s Album Out Now

From the opening riff of “Nail You Higher Than Before,” this band wastes no time in establishing their sound: raw, direct, and relentless.

It’s a classic rock foundation infused with a modern intensity, a potent cocktail that’s guaranteed to get your blood pumping.

There’s not a moment to breathe on this record. “Leave You Lying On The Ground” picks up where “Nail You Higher Than Before” left off, propelling you forward with a relentless drumbeat and searing guitars.

Every song feels like a fist-pumping anthem, a call to arms for those who crave pure rock energy.

“Funeral Pyre” stands out as a particular highlight. The soaring melody in the chorus has a strangely uplifting quality, like a hard rock gospel urging you to embrace the darkness.

The guitar solo that follows is both melodic and hypnotic, a perfect showcase of the band’s impressive musical chops.

“Die Alone” proves The Death Spell isn’t a one-trick pony. The intricate melody lines and cool guitar riffs showcase their ability to write memorable songs that go beyond sheer power.

“Witch’s Coven” is another wild ride, a testament to the band’s tight musicianship and consistent energy across the entire album.

“Potter’s Fields Forever” offers a brief respite, a heavy ballad that showcases a different side of The Death Spell. The slow, deliberate tempo and crushing guitars create a melancholic atmosphere.

“I Am The Shadow” explores a more ethereal soundscape, especially in the verses. But don’t be fooled – The Death Spell’s signature intensity returns with a vengeance.

What truly sets this band apart is the ability to make cohexist diverse musical elements. Twists and tempo changes abound, keeping you guessing but always engaged.

The album closes with a bang on “Kill In The Darkness.” It’s a fitting finale, leaving you breathless and yearning for more. This is a debut album that announces The Death Spell’s arrival in a big way. Make no mistake, these guys are here to stay.

The Death Spell is The Death Spell’s Album Out Now!


Formed in Auckland, New Zealand in 2021 by guitarist and singer Ozan Turan, The Death Spell blends the profound heaviness of 70s-era hard rock and heavy metal into the contemporary stoner rock scene, embracing the psychedelic soundscapes of the era with Alessandro Iraci on bass guitar and Owen Drew on drums.

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