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The Enemy is Ratchet Dolls’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Hailing from the heart of Texas, Ratchet Dolls are here with a vengeance, ready to ignite the rock scene with their electrifying single “The Enemy”.

The Enemy is Ratchet Dolls’ Single Out Now

This track is a raw and unfiltered dose of adrenaline-fueled rock that will have you headbanging from the first note to the last.

From the opening riff, Ratchet Dolls establish their sonic territory with a gritty, unapologetic attitude.

The guitars crunch with a heavy distortion, while the drums pound out a relentless rhythm that sets the stage for vocalist’s untamed howl.

The lyrics are a declaration of rebellion, as the singer confronts his inner demons and embraces his role as an outsider.

The band’s musicianship shines through in every aspect of “The Enemy”.

The guitarists trade licks with fiery passion, while the rhythm section provides a solid foundation that never wavers. The vocals are raw and powerful, perfectly capturing the song’s rebellious spirit.

“The Enemy” is a testament to Ratchet Dolls’ ability to craft hard rock that is timeless and modern. They draw inspiration from the legends of the past while injecting their music with a fresh energy that is sure to resonate with fans of all ages.

I suggest watching the video as well to see their passion and professionalism in action.

The Enemy is Ratchet Dolls’ Single Out Now!


RATCHET DOLLS is a Hard Rock band from Texas with influences stemming from Rock N Roll, Punk, and traditional Heavy Metal. Having extensively toured as an independent band, RATCHET DOLLS has left a notable impression across the nation; performing on some of the globe’s loudest stages such as: Rock Fest, Rocklahoma, SXSW, and The Legendary Whisky a Go Go.

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