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The Fall is Trapt’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The wait is over! Trapt’s highly anticipated album, “The Fall,” has finally arrived, and it’s a fantastic ride through the world of alternative rock with a healthy dose of grunge thrown in for good measure.

The Fall is Trapt’s Album Out Now

Hearing these tracks strung together shows Trapt’s ability to craft a cohesive listening experience. Their sound is undeniably rock, but with a clear grunge influence that adds a welcome dose of grit and texture.

Songs like “Meant to Be” showcase the band’s songwriting talent. The chord progressions here have a distinct Alice in Chains vibe, with a touch of sophistication that elevates the song beyond a simple nostalgia trip.

“Drop Your Guard” is a powerhouse track with its heavy, distorted guitars and signature Trapt lyrical delivery.

“Safe Here In The Shade” takes a more atmospheric turn. The ethereal vibe is a welcome change of pace, creating a dystopian soundscape that evokes the imagery of a desolate beach under a blood-red sky.

“Bulletproof” brings back the energy with a sound reminiscent of Staind and Incubus. The heavy, pounding rhythm section in the verses lays the perfect foundation for the song’s explosive chorus.

“Above It All” stands out for its intricate harmonic structure. The frequent tempo changes keep the listener engaged, while the band navigates the twists and turns of the melody.

Picking a favourite track is a tough call, but “Safe Here In The Shade” with its dystopian atmosphere is a personal highlight.

However, the beauty of “The Fall” lies in the strength of its entire tracklist. Each song delivers something unique, making this a must-listen for fans of alternative rock and grunge alike.

The Fall is Trapt’s Album Out Now!


Chris Taylor Brown: vocals/guitar Shawn Sonnenschein: guitar Peter Charell: Bass Mitch Moore: Drums

“’The Fall’ is a collection of songs written during a time of great change. It was hard to ebb and flow with a brave new world but it’s through this experience that we make ourselves better people.” – Lead vocalist and guitar player for Trapt, Chris Taylor Brown

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