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The Knocker is Chris Wirsig’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Chris Wirsig’s album, “The Knocker (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)”, offers a riveting auditory journey, capturing the essence of a cinematic experience through its intricate compositions.

The Knocker is Chris Wirsig’s Album Out Now

 The opening track, “The Knocker (Main Theme),” sets a mysterious tone, reminiscent of vintage noir films, with its atmospheric and eerie melodies.

The orchestration and sounds are remarkable, drawing listeners into a world that feels hauntingly beautiful and unsettling.

The music’s ability to evoke vivid imagery is one of its strongest aspects. As the theme unfolds, one can almost see the film’s opening titles and the shadowy scenes that follow.

Each track continues the narrative, providing a perfect backdrop for the unfolding story.

The album is a slow burn, building refined tension like a film noir twisting the suspense tighter with every passing moment. You’ll find yourself on the edge of your seat, waiting for the next twist, just like in a classic Hitchcock masterpiece.

Wirsig’s compositions have an epic quality, blending the charm of foggy London streets with the sophistication of the vintage soundtracks.

Do you crave the dark corners of the sonic imagination? Then dive into this album. Its captivating sounds will transport you to another reality.

The Knocker (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is Chris Wirsig’s Album Out Now!


A mysterious “knocker” is paid to wake up people in 1830’s Manchester, at the height of the industrial revolution. But is he also responsible for them dying? House Of Gorey’s new horror short film “The Knocker” will give you an answer. Award-winning composer Chris Wirsig (“Aware Of The Wolf,” “The Curse Of Oak Island”, “The Real Murders Of Atlanta”) wrote the music for the eerie drama that unfolds in the movie.

Taking inspiration from the era’s music, but staying rooted in contemporary classical and horror themes, Wirsig wrote orchestral pieces that not only convey the haunted and tense atmosphere, but also the drama and sadness of the protagonists losing their loved ones. An emotive and immersive film score that will move you!

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