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Timelines is Cassidy Dickens’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Cassidy Dickens’ new single, “Timelines,” hooks you immediately with a gentle guitar arpeggio.

Timelines is Cassidy Dickens’ Single Out Now

 Then, her voice washes over you like a warm summer breeze – pure, intense, and charming. It’s a voice that invites you to slow down, to gaze out the window and be present.

The song evokes a quiet sense of wonder. Sunlight peeks through the music, illuminating the delicate beauty of the world around us.

The carefully layered cello adds a touch of ethereality as if you’re witnessing something ancient and profound.

Dickens’ lyrics are introspective, reminding us of the preciousness of time and the fleeting nature of life.

Each verse feels like a gentle nudge to appreciate the small moments like the rustle of leaves in the wind, the warmth of the sun on your skin. This song moved me deeply, but the emotion was joy, not despair.

It’s a celebration of existence, a reminder to cherish every breath. “Timelines” is a sublime reminder to slow down and appreciate life in general.

It’s a song that will leave you with a renewed sense of gratitude for the gift of life.

Timelines is Cassidy Dickens’ Single Out Now!


In her song ‘Timelines,’ singer-songwriter Cassidy Dickens explores this all too familiar sensation of watching time slip away and offers some perspective around what it really means to grow older.

I’ve always had a precarious relationship with time,” Cassidy explains. “Growing up, I experienced an unusual amount of loss at an early age. By my early 20s, I found myself with an acute sense of mortality, a deep awareness of the fact that everything is impermanent, and a lot of anxiety about how to find joy in meaning in the midst that reality. After years of railing against the passage of time, Timelines is my attempt at making peace with it. I wrote this song in one of those dazzling moments of clarity. The fog lifted and I realized that getting older isn’t something to feel anxious about, but rather, a beautiful gift that should be respected and cherished.
So many people don’t have the luxury of growing old, or even fully growing up. So many people who’ve passed on would’ve
given anything for another year. Another week. Another day. This song is a hymn of gratitude for the time we do have, and a
reminder to myself to make the most of it.”

Cassidy Dickens is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter originally from the mountains of southern West Virginia. Surrounded by Appalachia’s colorful storytelling, front porch picking, and rich vocal harmonies from day one, Cassidy has always been enamored by the singular power of music to capture fleeting memories and raw emotion. This lifelong enchantment has inspired a musical catalog overflowing with love, heartbreak, home, and other universal-yet-intensely-personal themes.


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