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Unbreakable Soul is Wavewulf’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Wavewulf dives headfirst into the unknown with “Unbreakable Soul,” a single that’s innovative and strangely familiar.

Unbreakable Soul is Wavewulf’s Single Out Now

 The track opens with a soundscape that feels fresh and modern, a marriage of airy arpeggios and a pulsating groove.

Distorted guitars snake their way in, creating a haunting atmosphere reminiscent of John Carpenter’s classic scores.

Then, the vocals arrive. A voice that possesses a hypnotic quality. Here’s where the “mermaid” comparison comes to mind – the vocals are strangely beautiful yet hold a hint of something unsettling.

This isn’t a song that explodes in your face. Instead, it’s a slow burn, a steady crescendo of emotions.

The production is meticulous, with each element carefully placed to keep you engaged from the opening notes to the final fade-out.

Wavewulf is a seasoned producer with a keen ear for detail.

“Unbreakable Soul” is a fascinating, genre-bending track that leaves a lasting impression. It’s a song that stays in your head long after the last note has faded.

Unbreakable Soul is Wavewulf’s Single Out Now!


Unbreakable Soul is Wavewulf’s Single Out Now

Wavewulf (aka. Nicholas Long) and electronic music artist from New York City, is renowned for his enthralling soundscapes that go beyond the confines of any one genre. He focuses on electronic music that delves into the depths of various subgenres to produce a singular aural experience that profoundly affects listeners.

Wavewulf’s upcoming (and fifth full-length) album “Unbreakable Soul” includes intricate textures, throbbing beats, ethereal melodies, and electronic fusions, which congeal in Wavewulf’s music to produce a captivating ambiance and experience for the listener. Wavewulf does this through his ability to adroitly combine several electronic music subgenres such as dream-pop, shoegaze, electro, synth-wave and synth-pop; demonstrating his adaptability and creative approach to music production.

For the album, he has collaborated with longtime collaborator Christopher John Donato on drums and guitars, Chase Walker (of the Chase Walker Band) on guitars, and vocalists/songwriters’ such as regular collaborator Nala Spark as well as new ones such as LiAura, Monica Young, Veronika Jokel and Dasha Larks (aka. Pulse Lab) on vocals, which gives the album a nice variety. “Unbreakable Soul” is an exploration of the human soul and it’s transcendence in an ever changing world.

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