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Veil Lifter is Post Death Soundtrack’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Post Death Soundtrack throw a Molotov cocktail into the genre pool with their album, “Veil Lifter.”

Veil Lifter is Post Death Soundtrack’s Album Out Now

 This music is a black avalanche delivered by a pair of musical visionaries.

Steve and Jon wear their influences proudly. Black Sabbath’s brooding heaviness, Soundgarden’s grunge snarl, the industrial bite of Nine Inch Nails, and the raw emotion of Alice in Chains.

But Post Death Soundtrack aren’t mere copycats. They forge these elements into an unmistakably unique sound.

Moore’s vocals deserve special mention. In some moments, his voice echoes the tortured angst of Chris Cornell, but he injects a raw vulnerability that’s all his own.

The band’s instrumental talent is undeniable. They navigate complex, unstable chord progressions with ease, creating a constant tension that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Dissonance isn’t a bug, it’s a feature, adding a layer of unsettling beauty to the music.

Picking a favorite track is a near-impossible task. “Lowdown Animal” stands out with its sinister, Black Metal-tinged chord progression, while “Pin Prick” is a wild, pogo-inducing ride.

“Hammer Come Down” throws another curveball with its syncopated rhythm and razor-sharp ride cymbal. Each song is a sublime crafted gem, contributing to the album’s overall brilliance.

“Veil Lifter” is a declaration of war. Post Death Soundtrack aren’t here to play by the mainstream’s rules. They’re here to obliterate them, to create music that challenges and exhilarates. This is a masterpiece from a band that demands your attention.

Veil Lifter is Post Death Soundtrack’s Album Out Now!


Vancouver-based psychedelic doom grunge duo Post Death Soundtrack crafts a dense electric symphony of heathen guitars, brazen bass, and a bubbling cauldron of vicious sounds. The score to the untamed plains of the subconscious. This lays the groundwork over which the inimitable Steve Moore showcases his crushing vocal performances. In each piece, he takes from his hall of faces to embody the essence of a theme, be it scathing fury or enlightened ambivalence. Balancing ferocity and serenity, surrealist absurdity and earworm familiarity.

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