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Wanderlust is Illyria’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Illyria isn’t just a band; they’re storytellers. Their new album, “Wanderlust,” isn’t just music; it’s an immersive experience that throws you headfirst into a brutal yet beautiful world.

Wanderlust is Illyria’s Album Out Now

The opening track, “Armagedda,” sets the stage with an atmospheric and unpredictable adventure.

The melody evokes a sense of dystopian despair and reminds me of the soldier’s lament before the storm. Then, with “Yesteryear,” the battle begins.

This track is a masterclass in genre-bending, shifting from ethereal whispers to brutal screams.

“Pragma” keeps the momentum high, showcasing the band’s impressive technical skills. The screamo vocals are raw and punishing, leaving no doubt about the desperation of the fight.

But in this chaos, moments of melodic brilliance shine through, offering brief glimpses of hope amid darkness.

“Frostbite” proves that Illyria hasn’t forgotten the power of melody. This track showcases their “elevated melodic taste,” as the review describes, offering a moment of respite before the onslaught resumes.

But the battle rages on. “Wrath,” “Aftermath,” and “Sirens” are relentless assaults of power and fury, each punctuated by Illyria’s signature melodic flourishes.

These moments of beauty act as a stark contrast to the brutality, highlighting the emotional toll of war.

The album concludes with “Wanderlust.” The ethereal melody returns, evoking a sense of reflection and emptiness. As the battle faded into memory, I saw soldiers contemplating the cost of victory and the lingering pain of loss.

It’s a fitting end to a powerful journey, leaving the listener with a sense of awe and introspection.

Wanderlust is Illyria’s Album Out Now!

Brutal Beauty!

Wanderlust is Illyria’s Album Out Now

Originally based in Perth, Western Australia, ‘Illyria’ was founded by Ilija Stajić in late 2013 whilst travelling in Europe looking for a new, refreshing sound to compose and bring back to the Southern hemisphere.
Inspired by fellow contemporaries Alcest, Deafheaven, Lantlôs and Les Discrets, Illyria’s goal is to captivate on the gracious melodies and pulsating rhythms of the hybrid genre whilst promoting the accessibility of the genre to new listeners around the world. Over the years the five-piece act have earnt several opportunities supporting international bands such as Cattle Decapitation, Alcest and Wolves In The Throne Room along with national acts such as Ne Obliviscaris, Polaris and Make Them Suffer

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