Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Warrior of Love is TerraTara's Single Out Now
Warrior of Love is TerraTara’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
TerraTara’s “Warrior of Love” isn’t your average folk song. It’s a unique blend of styles that throws you headfirst into a world-traveling adventure.

Warrior of Love is TerraTara’s Single Out Now

The track’s rhythmic base instantly brings Manu Chao to mind, with its hypnotic percussion and playful guitar lines. But then, a layer of Sting-esque sophistication peeks through, adding a touch of unexpected polish.

The vocals are intriguing and hypnotic, delivered with a confidence that dares you to join the journey.

The lyrics themselves are a wild mix – both sexy and psychedelic, they paint vivid pictures and spark the imagination. This song is a metaphysical trip.

The production choices are a breath of fresh air.

Real instruments are allowed to shine, with the warmth of wood and the sizzle of strings creating a tangible soundscape. It feels genuine, unburdened by layers of digital trickery.

“Warrior of Love” is a sonic vacation, a reminder that music can transport you beyond your current location. It’s energetic, playful, and unique.

Warrior of Love is TerraTara’s Single Out Now!


​TerraTara is a singer/songwriter that is blessed to be a dual citizen of the USA and Canada. She travels back and forth between Slocan, B.C. and Southern Oregon. She was named after the famous site in Ireland, The Hill of Tara. Throughout her life, people asked her if she pronounced her name, Terra or Tara, so she decided to call herself, Terra Tara. She plays guitar, mandolin, piano and all types of percussion. She started out playing guitar and wrote many singer/songwriter compositions throughout the 2000’s.

She began traveling the world and switched to mandolin because it was easier to carry while on the road, busking on the streets with her unique sound. While busking, she learned melodies of traditional Eastern European, Middle Eastern, Indian, Irish, Folk and Reggae music. She blends all those in her music today. TerraTara is now working to produce her singer/songwriter material, both old and new. Get ready!

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