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Watching the World Stop is Desert Ships’ Single

Good Day Noir Family,
Desert Ships are back with a new cool tune. Their sound always manages to strike for originality.

Watching the World Stop is Desert Ships’ Single

This song is mysterious and seems to hide a secret. The rhythm of the drums so pounding interspersed with moments in which the guitars offer magical moments is intriguing.

It manages to create a dimension between real and ephemeral a bit like the music of Velvet Underground did in the past. Somehow Watching the World Stop reminded me of the band led by Lou Reed.

Each time I am struck by the creativity and by the peculiar harmonic progression that these guys are able to conceive.

Desert Ships is a mature band that is getting noticed around the world.

Their musical instincts are taking them far and they deserve all the success they are getting.

Always a pleasure to listen to these guys’ music.

Watching the World Stop is Desert Ships’ Single Out Now!

Mature and Cool!

Watching the World Stop is Desert Ships’ Single

Watching the World Stop’ is the third single from the band’s forthcoming unreleased album ‘Heavy Soup’.
Each of the previous singles have had BBC Radio 6 music airplay. This single is born for the radio with its immediacy and fusion of garage rock and dream pop.

Like its predecessors, the song tells a story that people can relate to – this one deals with isolation, anxiety and escape from the current mad times.
With notable fans including Alan McGee, Andy Bell (Ride, Oasis), Andrew Weatherall RIP, and Cerys Matthews the future is bright for Desert Ships.

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