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WhaleSong Sounding is Lowland Folk’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
In a world yearning for solace and connection, Lowland Folk’s “WhaleSong Sounding” emerges as a limbo of tranquility, a musical odyssey that transports listeners to the profound depths of nature and the human spirit.

WhaleSong Sounding is Lowland Folk’s Single Out Now

The song’s title aptly encapsulates its essence, as it  blends the haunting calls of whales with the earthy tones of folk music, creating an auditory experience that is mesmerizing and deeply moving.

From the opening notes, the song establishes an atmosphere of serenity, the melody unfolds with gentle grace, washing over the listener like a wave of calm.

The lyrics, though simple in their construction, carry a profound message, reminding us of the interconnectedness of all living beings and the inherent beauty that surrounds us.

The band’s instrumentation is powerful, each note carefully chosen to complement the overall mood of the piece.

As the song progresses, it builds in intensity, culminating in a crescendo that washes over the listener like a wave of pure emotion.

The vocals soar, echoing the cries of the whales, while the instrumental accompaniment swells, creating a sense of awe and wonder.

In the final moments, the song fades away as gently as it began, leaving the listener with a sense of profound peace and tranquility. “WhaleSong Sounding” is more than just a song; it is an experience, a meditation on the beauty and fragility of life.

WhaleSong Sounding is Lowland Folk’s Single Out Now!


About the band: We are a long-established family folk band, consisting of founder, Stewart Brown (vocals, guitar, concertina, banjo, whistles), wife Anne (vocals/recorder/concertina) and brother Ramsay (vocals/guitar). Our original name was The Lowland Folk Four with Philip Gore (vocals/guitar/mandolin/mandola) as the fourth member. Later the name changed to simply, Lowland Folk, when we were joined on fiddle/mandolin by Alan Barty (of Makem and Clancy fame).

We have made 3 albums. Our original album, ‘Eh’ll Tell The Boaby’ was with EMI.
We then formed our own record company, Balaena Records (see logo) and produced ‘Time To Be Singing Again’ and ‘This Is Lowland Folk’. We were also pleased to be part of the popular composite album of Dundee songs, ‘Coorse And Fine’ (Springthyme Records).
We are presently re-mastering our albums and plan to put them up on the streaming sites.
We have appeared on many radio shows and television shows like, ‘The Hootenanny Show’, ‘The White Heather Club,’ ‘My Kinda Folk’ and our own TV special, ‘The Road To Dundee’ with Archie Fisher, presented by actor, Brian Cox.
Our most significant stage appearance was a 20-minute guest spot on a ‘Fiddler’s Rally Show’ on the Royal Albert Hall.
We are retired but from time to time we are invited to appear at concerts and festivals. Last year we guested at the long-established and prestigious ‘FifeSing 2023 Traditional Song Festival.’

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