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When the Music Plays Again is Chapell’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Chapell’s “When the Music Plays Again” showcases once again his talent as a songwriter.

When the Music Plays Again is Chapell’s Single Out Now

This track boasts a refined and intense compositional style that throws you right into the heart of the song.

The opening is magical. A piano sets the scene with an ethereal arpeggio that wouldn’t feel out of place on a Phil Collins record.
Chapell’s vocals further the nostalgic vibe, carrying hints of Adam Duritz’s signature style.

The verse unfolds with a warm intimacy, drawing the listener in with its emotional honesty. The song builds momentum with a pressing rhythm section and beautifully layered arrangements.

The resulting sound is a stunning homage to the refined ballads of the 80s, with a modern twist that keeps it fresh. The chorus explodes with a sense of hope, offering a powerful counterpoint to the introspective verses.

This is where the song’s therapeutic nature shines. “When the Music Plays Again” washes over you with a wave of nostalgic delicate romanticism, moving your heart and soul.

The production of the song is flawless, allowing every element to shine through. From the pristine piano to the punchy drums, each note sits perfectly in the mix.

Chapell’s songwriting is truly top-notch.

When the Music Plays Again is Chapell’s Single Out Now!

Intense & Delicate!

When the Music Plays Again is Chapell’s Single Out Now

As a songwriter, all you want is for people to hear your music. And when the ability to perform goes away for a while, you learn to live on the fumes of hope. That someday you’ll be able to perform again. I love Clint Wells’ guitar work throughout this song – and Lorenza’s violin takes the chorus to a new level. – Chapell

Storytelling drives both Chapell’s writing and his live show. The New York based singer / songwriter recounts real and raw stories throughout a prolific catalog of genre-agnostic songwriting. Streamed over 1.5 million times and counting and fresh off of a wildly successful tour with the Gin Blossoms, Chapell’s live show gushes earnestness and charm.

Chapell’s solo performances are gaining notoriety by the minute – having been invited to play with the likes of Gin Blossoms, Everclear, Lisa Loeb, 38 Special, Bighead Todd, Iron Butterfly, Flock of Seagulls and Jackopearce. Alan closed out 2021 with a performance on Rob Reinhart wildly influential radio program, Acoustic Café.

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