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When the World Disappears is Masha and the Fam’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
As the opening piano notes of Masha and the Fam’s “When the World Disappears” gently caress the ears, a sense of tranquillity and introspection washes over the listener.

When the World Disappears is Masha and the Fam’s Single Out Now

The song’s title hints at a journey into the depths of space but also of the human psyche.

The melody, with its vintage rhythm and nuances of noir jazz, evokes an image of a dimly lit pub on the moon, where weary travelers gather to seek solace and companionship.

In this lunar tavern, one can almost envision Michael Collins, the pilot of Apollo 11, seeking refuge from the loneliness of space. The song’s melancholic undertones reflect the weight of his journey.

The lyrics suggest that even in the darkest corners of our being, there is always a spark of resilience, a guiding light that can lead us back to the surface.

Masha Alexis’s vocals, imbued with emotion and depth, perfectly capture this message of hope.

As the song progresses, the piano takes centre stage, delivering a fantastic solo. The melody dances and twirls, painting a vivid picture of the vast expanse of space, reminding us of our place in the universe and the infinite possibilities that lie beyond.

“When the World Disappears” is a blend of introspection with a sense of cosmic wonder. It is a song that invites listeners to embark on a journey of self-discovery.

When the World Disappears is Masha and the Fam’s Single Out Now!


When the World Disappears is Masha and the Fam’s Single Out Now

Masha was inspired to write this single after recently learning of Michael Collins, the pilot of the Apollo 11 command module during the 1969 moon landing, who has been called “the loneliest man in the world”. While Neill Armstrong and Buzz Aldridge took their first steps on the moon, he stayed behind in the command module and even lost radio contact for 47 minutes due to the rotation of the module to the dark side of the moon.

As the night sky enveloped an abandoned city, six individuals united to form Masha and the Fam — a collective of extraordinary musicians effortlessly sidestepping genre boundaries to construct a daring, soulful, electric soundscape.

From their rehearsals in a ginormous old refrigerator in the basement of a door factory, this Los Angeles based sextuplet is shedding the confines of indie alt rock, to sculpt what has been hailed as a “cinematic opus” (Record World International)

Emerging from their subterranean shelter, the pursuit extends beyond mere record releases. For Masha and the Fam this is augmented through captivating, high-energy performances that not only illuminates the beauty of the human condition, but also challenges the current world order.

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