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E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like – Cxl Mxck

Good Day Noir Family,
our “E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Cxl Mxck. I discovered this great artist while shuffling songs on Youtube and I instantly loved the energy of his songs.

As soon as I stumbled on Cxl Mxck’s video I immediately thought about Green Day, at least for the visual part and the look and movements of this artist.

His music isn’t punk, it’s a softer genre but still very original and energetic.

The video is very cool with Cxl Mxck that goes around his city singing and playing his song.

The production made by Sam Bloor at Lower Lane Studios is perfect, with beautiful sounds, and a very well balanced mix.

I really like the atmospheres that Cxl Mxck manages to create, a bit bored and paranoid but at the same time also fun.

This artist has clear ideas on how to carry on his musical project and seems to be on the right track.

My advice is to continue this way and maybe add to his songs some more acid instruments in order to make the sound a little bit crazier and avant-garde.

I would see, in the evolution of his sound, a meeting between the Prodigy and Green Day.

Mushroom Treatment is Cxl Mxck’s Single Out Now!

Great attitude and charisma!


Mushroom Treatment is the second single from the British 21 year old Cxl Mxck. Cxl Mxck is an alternative artist from Cheshire England. After featuring on BBC introducing Merseyside with his debut single “I Can’t Breathe” Cxl Mxck is back again and here to stay.

The success on the radio caught the attention of the local newspaper the Northwich Guardian who in late October 2020 released an in depth interview and an introducing article of the young artist. This second track tells the next chapter of the story of Cxl Mxck.

Mushroom Treatment talks openly about loneliness and sadness during the pandemic of COVID-19 and opens up the conversation for depression, something Cxl Mxck talks about a lot in his music. Influenced by the likes of YUNGBLUD, Billie Eilish and Indie Rock, this track is vibrant, fast and escapes into the world of loneliness.

The single hit over 500 streams on Spotify within 2 days of its release on 20/11/2020. Cxl is growing his fan base fast and with passion. Cxl Mxck’s goal is to normalize and voice mental health issues in young people.

Battling with many life struggles and churning out music as a result, Cxl Mxck is fighting to be heard. The music video is due to arrive on Friday 27/11/2020. This visualizes the feel of utter ignorance and loneliness, which is what the song is all about.

This track was recorded by record producer Sam Bloor at Lower Lane Studios. Cxl Mxck is offering in depth interviews, early video premiers, reviews and a first look at the new music video. So please do get in touch.


Find Cxl Mxck Here:


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