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chemicals is falselove’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
falselove isn’t messing around with their new single, “Chemicals.”

chemicals is falselove’s Single Out Now

It’s a full-on sonic assault that grabs you from the first note and doesn’t let go.


Credit: Camphouse Media

Imagine a tidal wave of distorted guitars, pounding drums that lock in tight with the kick, and a bass line that follows like a loyal shadow. That’s the foundation for “Chemicals,” and it’s undeniably infectious.

The vocals are the cherry on top. The singer’s intensity is undeniable, with a hint of nostalgia that evokes Greg Graffin of Bad Religion at times. It’s a perfect fit for the song’s raw energy.

But falselove isn’t just about brute force. They weave dynamics and cadence into the song, keeping you engaged from beginning to end. The structure is tight, never dragging or losing focus.

The production quality is top-notch, giving every instrument its own space to shine. It’s clear these guys are serious about their craft, and it shows.

This dedication extends beyond the music. The video clip for “Chemicals” perfectly complements the song’s energy, creating a complete artistic vision.

falselove isn’t here to play around. They’re a band with a solid artistic vision and the talent to back it up. “Chemicals” is a prime example, a high-octane anthem that will leave you wanting more.

chemicals is falselove’s Single Out Now!


chemicals is falselove’s Single Out Now

Hailing from the thriving music scene of Cardiff and delivering a blend of late 00’s Emo and Melodic Hardcore, falselove are here to make their mark. Formed from the ashes of post hardcore band Defeatist, Guitarist/Vocalist Jacob Eynon and Guitarist Kris Evans acquired the the services of Gareth Linney on Bass/Vocals to complete their line up.

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