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I Wish I Could Fly is La Need Machine’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
La Need Machine’s single, “I Wish I Could Fly,” presents a cool sound that diverges from the stereotypical Seattle grunge associated with the ’90s.

I Wish I Could Fly is La Need Machine’s Single Out Now

Instead, the band takes a unique approach, offering a nostalgic melody that, in my opinion, still carries the halo of Seattle at its core.

The vocal interpretation in “I Wish I Could Fly” stands out for its sincerity and directness.

The emotive delivery of the lyrics creates a genuine connection with the listener, drawing them into the emotional landscape crafted by La Need Machine.

The chord progression flows seamlessly, contributing to the overall musical coherence, while the strings introduce a refined touch to the production. The band’s attention to detail is evident.

Drawing a comparison to bands from the ’90s, La Need Machine’s vibes reminded me of Soul Asylum, showcasing a similar depth and intensity.

It suggests that La Need Machine consists of seasoned musicians with a wealth of experience, and their ability to evoke nostalgic sentiments while presenting a fresh sound is fantastic.

“I Wish I Could Fly” is an intense song that speaks to the soul of the listener.

La Need Machine proves that they are not confined by expectations, offering a musical experience that resonates on a profound level.

I Wish I Could Fly is La Need Machine’s Single Out Now!


I Wish I Could Fly is La Need Machine’s Single Out Now

La Need Machine are a fast-rising Seattle band with a fresh, genre-bending sound. La Need Machine combine the best of Indie Rock, Americana, Indie Pop and Punk-and-Roll for a sound that adds a new dimension to the “Seattle Sound.” Fans and music writers alike refer to La Need Machine songs as “ear-worms” that you want to listen to again and again. La Need Machine aim for music that rocks, inspires, and supports the community at-large.

La Need Machine are people-oriented and have been donating streaming revenue to a number of local and international non-profit groups since the start of the band. La Need Machine are led by Lead Guitarist Al, and co-lead singers and romantic partners Brian and Elise. Al has a knack for powerful progressions, catchy hooks, and inspiring lyrics. Brian and Elise have amazing talent for melodies, harmonies and timing that hook the listener and represent their love for each other.

Separately, their vocals are both compelling and refreshing. Charities we are currently supporting with our music and videos are: · The Trevor Project – The Humane Society of the United States · National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) · Mary’s Place Emergency Family Shelters · American Nurses Foundation · Tetiaroa Society (Marlon Brando’s non-profit) · Childhaven – Northwest Harvest · Global Impact – Ukraine Response Fund · Doctors Without Borders · Ukrainian Community Center of Washington

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