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Washington Legalize Human Composting

Have you ever considered the environmental impact of our final farewell, specifically the burial process?

Surprisingly, even in death, we contribute to pollution through non-degradable materials and the carbon emissions produced by cremations. However, a more ecologically sound alternative has emerged – human composting.

Washington Legalize Human Composting

In a groundbreaking move, Washington State took the lead by legalizing human composting in May 2019, thanks to the pioneering efforts of the Seattle Recompose Funeral Agency.

Founder Katrine Spada initiated a revolution, offering an environmentally conscious option for the final resting place of our loved ones. The Recompose facility in Greenhouse, south of Seattle, became the world’s first dedicated to human composting.

Washington Legalize Human Composting, Yes, Your Dead Body Could Help Make A Flower Bloom

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Contrary to traditional burials and cremations, human composting, also known as natural organic reduction, transforms human remains into nutrient-rich soil.

Spada highlights, “The natural organic reduction avoids the release into the atmosphere of about 1.4 tons of carbon, which occurs during cremation.

When factoring in the carbon emissions from the construction and transport of coffins for traditional burials, the ecological harmony of natural organic reduction.

The process begins by storing the body in specially designed containers filled with wood chips, alfalfa, and straw.

The environment is then heated to over 60 degrees to facilitate decomposition. After approximately a month, the resulting soil can be scattered in nature, enriching gardens and woods.

Scientist Lynne Carpenter Boggs, who led the research, explains, “Although the process is quite simple. It took four years of scientific research to perfect the technique. It has been adapted from composting livestock to human tissues and ensuring environmental safety.”

The innovative funeral service, including the ceremony, obituary, and transformation into soil, comes at a cost of around $5,500. Following the composting process, families can choose to keep the compost or donate it to the Bells Mountain forest in southern Washington.

Washington Legalize Human Composting, Yes, Your Dead Body Could Help Make A Flower Bloom2

Photo by recompose.life

Human composting is gaining popularity, evidenced by the emergence of Earth Funeral as a prominent provider of these services in Washington and Oregon.

Over the past 18 months, there has been a significant uptick in states legalizing human composting. California, New York, Washington, Vermont, Nevada, Colorado, and Oregon are all embracing this eco-friendly option.

To keep abreast of the legislative status of human composting legalization in each state, Earth Funeral has developed a live tracker.

This tool serves as a valuable reference point, offering the most current information available on the acceptance of eco-friendly burial practices. Explore the live tracker here.

Washington Legalize Human Composting

Washington Legalize Human Composting, Yes, Your Dead Body Could Help Make A Flower Bloom1

Photo by recompose.life

Human composting could be an excellent solution to combat pollution and reunite with Mother Nature after death!


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