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Maine May Legalize Viking-Style Funerals And Let You Literally Go Out In A Blaze Of Glory

It’s a particularly cool inquiry to pose to your friends during a pleasant round of truth or dare at a Halloween party. How might you need your burial service to be? There are a lot of approaches, obviously. It is a rarity indeed considered that the prospect of making arrangements for our own post mortem occasion isn’t exactly a sweet one. In any case, if you somehow managed to fantasize how you’d like your burial service to be, normally the word “epic” may ring a bell. Without a doubt, there are a great deal of “wonderful melodies” that you may have effectively considered in your rundown. Yet, the way as such is certainly not a simple one to show up at.

Back in the times of the Viking, they used to lay their dead on a boat and let it out to the ocean. The boat was loaded up with roughage and other inflammable material and a bowman would shoot a fiery arrow. When the boat was lighted up, it turned into a magnificent “sacred fire”. These Norsemen were following the desire of the god Odin, who wanted all the deceased to be burned with their personal belongings, and their “remains were scattered into the ocean or covered in the earth”.


If you feel that you also might want to leave this world in such a “burst of wonder”, if that is the case, you may find that your choices are very scant here in America. As of now, Colorado stays the only state where you can authoritatively be incinerated thusly. Let’s be honest, there are not many ways cooler than this. If Colorado is going to be the only state to allow it for sure it will record a high number of burial services in the coming years. But there is a new opportunity that is taking hold, as he explains Portland Press Herland in their article. There have been rumors that a similar proposal has been made in the state of Maine which could then legalize this burial technique in that state in the near future.

This specific bill will go on the desk of Good Ground Great Beyond, the funeral administration association that performs unconventional burial services. Assuming this bill is passed, any charitable association with at least 20 sections of land to their name might be allowed to hold a Viking-style memorial service.

The most notorious films that had scenes, where a memorial service ended with a fire rather than an entombment, are Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi, Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, and more recent, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, where Wonder Woman went through something similar.


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21 Responses to Maine May Legalize Viking-Style Funerals And Let You Literally Go Out In A Blaze Of Glory

  1. John Hageb-Brenner on

    They’ll end up with charred, but largely intact human corpses floating down the rivers or washing up on the beach. It takes more that a wood fire in a row boat to cremate a human to ash.

    • Exactly. The only way this makes sense is if they permit the burning boats with ashes aboard that were cremated ahead of time.

  2. So that means when I die Maine is the only state that allowed Viking funerals. How much and what part of Maine I have to go.

  3. John brenner. The purpose of a funeral phire .is to give back to the earth.its not a floating corpse its all the things weve taken in our journey put back into play. Besides this is how i have always wished to be celebrated, as a king

  4. I think the issue of corpses returning to shore could be managed by towing the funerary boats off shore a significant enough distance to reduce the chance of this. That will incur complication and expense, tho.

  5. I absolutely luv going out Viking style !! ❤️❤️

  6. Luv it !! Seriously, the only way to go !! Sign me up, when it’s time !! ❤️❤️

  7. Amazing!!! I’m so in!!! I wouldn’t wanna go any other way!!!!

  8. The Norse(“Viking” was a job, and most Norse people were farmers and artisans) didn’t do this. They burnt their dead on a funeral pyre, or buried them. The boat burning nonsense is a myth.

    • thanks for letting us know

    • First off I’m going to set this record straight not only did the Vikings do this at sea but the Celts also the Greeks did as well and there’s historical proof to back this up so I don’t know where you’re getting your sources. I on the other hand I am a pagan man and this is the burial I have chosen for my death,there are even books written back in that time Even in Egypt on the walls stating that these burials did take place way back in early civilizations for you to sit here and say they didn’t happen it’s almost like you’re being racist against our own kind because you’re not stating facts you’re discriminating against something that you know nothing about thinking that you know something when for thousands of years these burials have taken place their written on stone walls why would our ancestors take the time to put the bodies on boats in the water burning wrapped in a sheet if these burials were fake where do you think the idea came from and if this is about pollution there is a compromise biodegradable ships we have factories cars you name it polluting our Earth today it isn’t going to be any worse sending a body on a sinking ship out to sea it shouldn’t matter anyway cuz of if a person chooses to go out like this it’s there will it’s their last dying wish should they not get that right.are you going to deny that person that right if it’s their will if it’s their faith if so then you’re what’s wrong with this world today helga ve thetta ok hindra alli ilska

  9. You ought to check your sources better. This has literally nothing to do with actual viking age burial.

  10. Who wrote this article?
    It’s written like a sixth graders’ theme.
    And I doubt it would get past a competent editor.

  11. Ya forgot one of the most famous of alll….Kirk Douglas in The Vikings!!!

  12. how ridiculous can you american’ts continue to be?

  13. I don’t know it seems we just CAN’T help ourselves

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