Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Tallywacker's Cinematic Debut at DWF:NY Film Festival on Dec 3rd
Tallywacker’s Cinematic Debut at DWF:NY Film Festival on Dec 3rd

Embracing the spirit of cool ideas, Edgar Allan Poets present an exceptional film recommendation to our Noir Family. “Tallywacker” is a heartfelt and dynamic film that explores the highs and lows of chasing dreams. The unexpected turns of life, and the enduring strength of friendship.

Tallywacker’s Cinematic Debut at DWF:NY Film Festival on Dec 3rd

The movie centers around Aleister. A guitar player with brittle bone disease, and his able-bodied best friend Emmett as they navigate the exhilarating world of rock and roll.

Tallywacker's Cinematic Debut at DWFNY Film Festival on Dec 3rd

The story reaches a turning point when Aleister is unexpectedly invited to join Carly Major’s tour as her new guitar player, propelling him into the limelight. Emmett is brought along as his roadie, setting the stage for a rollercoaster ride of emotions and challenges.

The performances in “Tallywacker” are exceptional, with the cast delivering authentic and engaging portrayals of their characters. The chemistry between Aleister and Emmett, portrayed by the lead actors, is the beating heart of the film.

Tallywacker's Cinematic Debut at DWFNY

The film delves into the complex realities of the music industry. Exploring the glamour and allure of the rock star lifestyle.

The exploration of Aleister’s physical limitations due to brittle bone disease adds a layer of authenticity to the narrative, shedding light on the challenges faced by differently-abled individuals pursuing their passions.

As the spotlight intensifies on Aleister, the film skillfully portrays the strains on his friendship with Emmett. The evolving dynamics between the characters portrayed with emotional honesty, make the audience reflect on the sacrifices and choices that come with success.

“Tallywacker” is not just a music-centric drama but also a poignant exploration of friendship, loyalty, and the price of fame. The soundtrack complements the narrative, enhancing the emotional resonance of key scenes.

The film strikes a balance between the exhilaration of living the rock star fantasy and the profound introspection that follows.

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