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People Comments:

I found out about this band on Google Plus. As a writer I’m always looking for different music with deep lyrics to set the tone of my latest writings and this bands music is just what I was looking for. They have a unique sound that really gets to the soul of your mood. My favorite songs on this album are: Wrong Direction and Old Black Clown. This is great stuff and I’m looking forward to listening to some of their other work.

I like your track a lot, (Cryptic Code) it has a lot of elements/layers. Some synth-melodies don’t really seem to fit though, mostly in the bridge. Other than that I think this track should be on the radio, I’m certain that the dutch market will love it! This track makes me curious to your other stuff, oh and I like your name as well :)).

I think the sound it’s great, the changes, how you play with the climate of the song, and the voices are worked perfectly. I think the chorus should have more hook, be a little bit more “catchy” to be at the level of the verses and the bridge. Great guitars, great verses, arrgs, very good song! keep up the great work.

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