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Music Video Dedicated To Bernie Sanders

Good Day Noir Family,
we decided to dedicate a song to Sen. Bernie Sanders since we really like this man, we like the power of his words.

Climate change is real and the big corporations are doing whatever they want so we need to take action and do something to change our future. The election of the President of the United States Of America is a decision that will effect the entire world, like the elections in Russia, China and in all the big countries that are ruling the world today. We need to free ourselves from this new kind of slavery. We have nice phones, cars, dresses but we are not free…they are privatizing water meanwhile they give us the latest playstation to distract us from the real problems.
This rock video is about to unleash our power…together we can change the world and we have a leader now that he is finally speaking the truth.
His words are pure energy for me and so I decided to compose this song.

Special Thanks To:

John McPhee (CLEAREDART) for the artwork representing Sen. Bernie Sanders at the end of the video.


Laura Fantuzzi
Silvia Baldassini
Aubree Sweeney
Barbara Wilder
Erik A Williams
Darrel Evans
Kevin Michaels

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