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Take Me Home, Country Roads (Cover) is Cormac’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
In the ever-evolving world of music, where timeless classics often find themselves in the hands of the next generation, Cormac takes on the legendary “Take Me Home, Country Roads” and infuses it with a modern vibrancy.

Take Me Home, Country Roads (Cover) is Cormac’s Single Out Now

His rendition of this iconic song breathes new life into a beloved classic, making it uniquely his own.

What immediately grabs the listener’s attention is the contemporary twist Cormac brings to this legendary track.

The subtle yet effective use of autotune on his vocals and the richness of the piano arrangements infuse the song with a fresh and innovative sound.

It’s as though he’s donned a new outfit for this cherished melody, preserving its essence while presenting it in a modern light.

Cormac, a young artist with a compelling artistic vision, shines in his interpretation. His choice to embrace contemporary techniques while respecting the song’s roots reveals a deep understanding of musical evolution.

He shows that music, much like the landscape of the West Virginia hills in the song, can continue to evolve and flourish while paying homage to its origins.

The determination Cormac exudes is inspiring, a sign that he is poised for a bright future in the music industry.

It’s evident that he has already gathered a wealth of experience under his belt, supported by his family, and he stands on the cusp of an exciting musical journey.

You can pre-order Cormac’s album ‘A Borrowed Gift’ which will be released on the 24th of November here:


Take Me Home, Country Roads (Cover) is Cormac’s Single Out Now!


Take Me Home, Country Roads (Cover) is Cormac’s Single Out Now

Cormac is a multi – talented, up & coming, British singer, his stunning voice is haunting & crystal clear. The youngest singer ever to be signed to global label, Decca Records (lockdown 2020), his debut album ‘Hear My Voice’ charted at #11 (UK Classical Chart) & #3 (Australia’s Classical Crossover chart). Also awarded the coveted Classic FM ‘Album of the Week’ it was a fun time. The deal ended in 2021, it was good-bye to Decca but Cormac was undeterred.

Supported by his family & determined to record again, Cormac has been back to the studio, as an independent artist, X3. New songs are released regularly, they are loved by his fans from all over the world and have been heard millions of times. Encouraged by the support of his loyal following, he recorded 7 new songs in August 22 and he can’t wait to share them with you. And he hopes that what he has managed to achieve, will inspire other boy singers too.

Find Cormac Here:


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