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The Noir Bizarre

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“You Have Only 3.59 Minutes To Live”

the noir bizarre inspired by the hitchcock hours

A new dark comedy-horror web series, The Noir Bizarre, directed by Kevin S. Michaels & Chris Mariotti and produced by Edgar Allan Poets, brings together a cast of characters that has never been seen before – Meet:

  • Morganna: a gypsy sorceress and headmistress of Noir House

  • Misty: a horror actress trapped by her own demons

  • William: a poet of the dark ages

  • Romero: a wicked fashionista

  • Al: a gangster of a strange underworld mafia

With an array of guests who only have 3:59 to live — in other words, when you visit Noir House – you are likely to meet your end at the bottom of The Dead Pool as a snack for a hungry black shark named Labeo!

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The Amazing Cast:


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William The Noir BizarreAl the noir bizarreRomero The Noir Bizarreedweird the noir bizarre


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