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Цепи (Chains) is Love Ghost’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Love Ghost are back with a new cool single Цепи (Chains), are you ready for this epic and strong experience?

As soon as I hit the play button I got a loud punch in the face…this song is ferociuos.

A sound and a chord progression similar to Rage Against The Machine but with a modern sound that leaves no breath.

Love Ghost really rock, the sound is fantastic, the execution is perfect. I wonder why the media gives so much space to crap like Machine Gun Kelly and doesn’t focus instead on the truly talented bands like Love Ghost.

I couldn’t sit still and started headbanging. This groove infects you in such a way that you find yourself jumping around the room. This song awakens your wildest spirit and makes you feel free.

Pure energy that I recommend everyone to experience.

Цепи (Chains) is Love Ghost’s Single Out Now!

Powerful and Modern!


In the vein of Scarlxrd and City Morgue, a song about breaking free from the chains of trauma, at any cost. Цепи is a collaboration between Vollny and Love Ghost, with lyrics in both Russian and English. The song is a trap/hard rock/Industrial Rap anthem.

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