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1.0.8.’s New Single Dynamite & Alcohol Is Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Dynamite & Alcohol is 1.0.8.’s new single out now and since I’m already a fan of this eclectic artist I want to share my thoughts about it.

Another good song from 1.0.8. I like his style a lot because it is not at all banal and obvious.

I really like the arrangements and the instruments and sounds he uses which are always highly sought after and unusual and make his sound immediately recognizable and unique.

This piece is theatrical, I would see it well in a musical and I would also have added a choir when he sings “The Moon Is Gone …” that part is contagious.

A beautiful song, a melody that stays in my head for a long time after listening to it but above all for some reason this music put me in a good mood and gave me hope and energy and somehow relaxed me.

If you want to spend 3 great minutes, hit play and go and listen!

Dynamite & Alcohol is 1.0.8.’s Single Out Now!

Magical and Relaxing!

‘DYNAMITE & ALCOHOL’ has just been completed by Kevin Tuffy at Alchemy Mastering and is one of 12 tracks to be included in 1.0.8.’s forthcoming ‘Devotion’ debut LP due for release in February 2022. The song was written and performed by Andrew Stewart, working in collaboration with the producer and musical maestro Jason Odle, at Developing Sounds; who works closely with Billie Marten, Litany and Ella Grace.

The track follows on from Stewarts EP ‘Nine Times Twelve’ from last year. It’s been a busy old time writing and recording during the past 18 months concentrating on exploring and recording new material. All very exciting, with new tracks constantly evolving.

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