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A lesson is Richard Green’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
There’s an undeniable ebullience to Richard Green’s “A Lesson.”

A lesson is Richard Green’s Single Out Now

The single’s artwork perfectly captures the essence of the song: a walk on a crisp spring morning, the city awakening around you. Laughter fills the air, a welcome reprieve after a long, cold winter.

Green’s melody is delicate, a gentle breeze carrying the promise of brighter days. It’s a sentiment that resonates deeply, especially after the isolating chill of the pandemic.

“A Lesson” feels like a collective exhale, a realization that spring, both literally and metaphorically, is finally here.

The beauty of the song lies in its minimalism. The arrangement is refreshingly uncluttered, allowing the melody to breathe and the emotions to shine through. There’s a sense of tranquillity and joy that washes over you, a feeling of pure, unadulterated hope.

“A Lesson” is a reminder to savour simple pleasures, to find beauty in the everyday, and to embrace the future with open arms.

It’s a lesson we can all learn from, and a sentiment Richard Green delivers with exquisite grace.

A lesson is Richard Green’s Single Out Now!


A lesson is Richard Green’s Single Out Now

I composed A Lesson during quarantine in the years of Covid.The world put in isolation gave me the idea to compose this song, in fact i consider that period who affected all the humanity ,indeed, as a Lesson for all of us.

Richard Green is an Italian musician/guitarist/composer, based in London since 2012. At the age of 12 he starts to study guitar at school. Academy interrupted after few years because he moved to London where he obtained an higher diploma as guitarist and a musicians degree. He made his debut with the single Dark Horses (December 2020), a track that served as the soundtrack of a video to introduce an artistic event in Piacenza. After few months, (August 2021,) he released his first EP, Color and Sound, a collection of 6 very different and original tunes.

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