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A Midnight Dreary is Vargen’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Vargen’s single “A Midnight Dreary,” featured in the album “Vargen – Recordia Live,” shows the artist’s compositional experience.

A Midnight Dreary is Vargen’s Single Out Now

It’s evident that Vargen brings a wealth of musical expertise to his craft. His songs are meticulously crafted, with a chord progression that never succumbs to banality, and arrangements that are truly top-notch.

To truly appreciate Vargen’s artistry, I highly recommend watching the live performance, as it offers a unique opportunity to witness how he effortlessly conveys emotions and forges a deep connection with the audience.

Vargen’s live presence is an unparalleled experience, and the superb video quality and impeccable performances by all the musicians add to its grandeur.

One particular piece, included in the album, that commands attention is “A Midnight Dreary.” When a piece of music draws inspiration from the likes of Edgar Allan Poe, we, as Edgar Allan Poets 🙂 must say something about it.

Vargen, with this composition, succeeds in weaving the enigmatic atmosphere reminiscent of Poe’s literary style. “A Midnight Dreary” is an intense and captivating musical journey, with a theatrical vocal interpretation that immerses the listener in its narrative.

The arrangements in this composition introduce an ethereal and twilight-like quality to the song, further enhancing the sense of intrigue.

The infusion of dark undertones, coupled with Nick Cave’s vibes, has allowed Vargen to create a musical limbo that is truly unique.

If you’re a fan of music that not only entertains but also challenges the senses and emotions, “A Midnight Dreary” and all Vargen’s catalog is a must-listen.

A Midnight Dreary is Vargen’s Single Out Now!


A Midnight Dreary is Vargen’s Single Out Now

Over the recent years the Swedish singer-songwriter and Bob Dylan interpreter Vargen, has carved a reputation for infusing his music with both mystery raw emotions. Vargen’s previous albums have firmly established his presence in the spotlight. His acclaimed renditions of Bob Dylan’s songs in both Swedish and English, along with his unique takes on the works of Swedish poet Dan Andersson, have garnered widespread recognition.


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