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A Million Voices is Nekoticat’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Nekoticat explodes onto the scene with “A Million Voices,” a unique and intense single.

A Million Voices is Nekoticat’s Single Out Now

The track opens with a mysterious arpeggio that’s immediately engulfed by a wall of aggressive guitars, instantly setting an industrial metal atmosphere.

It’s clear from the opening moments that we’re dealing with a visionary artist and producer. Nekoticat’s strength lies in his ability to blend many genres.

“A Million Voices” pulses with the intensity of prog metal, laced with surprising avant-garde flourishes. The result is a unique sound that feels equally suited to a dystopian film like Mad Max or a heart-pounding video game soundtrack.

The song’s theatricality elevates it to epic heights. The unexpected shift from deep, guttural voice to soaring falsetto vocals in the chorus adds a layer of drama that underscores the track’s grandeur.

This shows Nekoticat’s talent that he can navigate such dramatic shifts without ever losing his grip on the song’s core energy.

“A Million Voices” is a must-listen for fans of genre-bending music that isn’t afraid to wear its ambition on its sleeve.

A Million Voices is Nekoticat’s Single Out Now!


A Million Voices is Nekoticat’s Single Out Now

“A Million Voices” is a personal manifesto of new beginnings and overcoming the pain of indecisive inaction. This debut single marks the beginning of my own journey into the realm of progressive electronic metal. With melodic vocals and a fusion of heavy riffs and electrifying synths, I invite you to embrace the thrill of following your dreams. – Nekoticat

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