Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | A Troubled Soul is Gedalya's Single Out Now
A Troubled Soul is Gedalya’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
There’s a powerful message and a deeply humane spirit in Gedalya’s music, and his new single, “A Troubled Soul,” is no exception.

A Troubled Soul is Gedalya’s Single Out Now

It’s a song specifically crafted to bring comfort and a sense of tranquillity, offering a much-needed escape from life’s troubles.

Gedalya’s dedication to social causes shines through in his work. Touring prisons and using his music to alleviate the pain of those most in need shows his compassion.

“A Troubled Soul” feels like a continuation of that mission, a flame of hope for those struggling to find their way.

The song itself is undeniably inspiring. The catchy melody burrows into your head, offering a comforting presence that lingers long after the last note fades.

The production is flawless, striking a perfect balance between polish and authenticity. Gedalya’s music always feels genuine, and “A Troubled Soul” is no different.

The sincerity of the message is the very core of this project, resonating deeply with the listener.

The song’s grand finale explodes with a beautiful wind arrangement, creating an epic swell of positive vibes. It’s as if a wave of hope washes over you, a potent reminder that brighter days are always within reach.

A Troubled Soul is Gedalya’s Single Out Now!


A Troubled Soul is Gedalya’s Single Out Now

This is the first single from my new album that I’m planning to release in September 2024. I’m presently on a tour of prisons around the USA and I’m hoping my songs will bring some light where there is darkness – Gedalya Folk Rock Rabbi

Gedalya also known as The Folk Rock Rabbi is a singer/songwriter based in New York. Exploring themes of faith, hardships, and growth, his music is reaching a growing audience around the globe, touching listener’s hearts in every corner of the world. Gedalya’s soul searching songs truly stand out from the crowd. Inspired by a personal journey his songs address the state of the world with rare honesty and candor. As a result Gedalya began to attract fans from all walks of life.

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