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Across The Acheron is Matyascorvinus’ Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Matyascorvinus’s Ep “Across The Acheron” is more than just music; it’s a complete and enchanting musical experience.

Across The Acheron is Matyascorvinus’ Ep Out Now

From the moment the music begins, you’re immediately drawn into a world of exceptional quality.

One of the most mesmerizing aspects of these tracks is the way the arpeggios on the guitars create an intense atmosphere, evoking feelings of sweet solitude and painting ethereal landscapes in the mind’s eye.

The music takes you on a journey, and as you listen, it’s as if you’re flying with your imagination, witnessing the beauty of snow gently falling on the grass or the slow, rhythmic movements of the ocean lapping at the shore.

Matyascorvinus’s ability to translate these emotions into music shows his artistic depth and sensitivity. I like also the more piano-driven final song “The Homecoming”.

The entire EP is a treasure trove of incredible songs. It’s the kind of work that deserves to be slowly savored, much like a glass of whiskey, in order to fully appreciate all the nuances and subtleties that are woven into the music.

Each listen can reveal new layers of meaning and emotion, making it a rewarding experience for the listener.

The ability to evoke such vivid landscapes and emotions through music is a rare and precious talent. This artist has created a masterpiece that deserves to be appreciated and enjoyed over and over again.

Across The Acheron is Matyascorvinus’ Ep Out Now!



“Across The Acheron” also is an allegory of life ending. A reminder of the limits we all have. Memento mori, as the old artists used to say. However, not necessarily in negative way: the EP is a tale of recovery, anyway. So, let us rejoice life while we still can! The journey of Belgica was completed, as well, despite of huge amounts of human suffering and loss. Let this EP be Matyascorvinus’ journey from darkness to light.

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