Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Afterthought is Aza Brown's New Single Out Now | Edgar Allan Poets
Afterthought is Aza Brown’s New Single Out Now | Edgar Allan Poets

Good Day Noir Family,
Aza Brown is back with a new song Afterthought. Edgar Allan Poets’ Noir family, are you ready for this experience?

Afterthought is Aza Brown’s New Single Out Now | Edgar Allan Poets

The groove of this song immediately started running through my veins.

The ethereal voice of this artist made me fly with my imagination. I found myself on a dock on the Côte d’Azur looking at the sea, waiting for a ship that may never arrive.

The melody of this new single is very emotional. Somehow it made me think of the 80s. The musical arrangements are refined and well thought out.

I believe this track is perfect for the upcoming summer. It creates a sexy and nostalgic atmosphere and makes you think of umbrellas on the beach.

The guitar solo towards the end completes the work … it is absolutely hypnotic. A song that I would see well as the soundtrack of a James Bond movie.

Listening to Aza Brown’s songs is always a pleasure.

Afterthought is Aza Brown’s Single Out Now! You can download the song for free here: Afterthought

Mysterious and Hypnotic!

Afterthought is Aza Brown’s New Single Out Now | Edgar Allan Poets

A year on since debut single “Pure Water” majestically announced Chesterfield Singer/Songwriter Aza Brown’s arrival on the scene, he returns with his second single of 2022 – “Afterthought” – painting a gloriously epic Latino soundscape, evoking images of James Bond taking on the drugs cartels of South America!

Amassing over 50k Spotify streams in the last year, Aza is building on live performances on Liverpool Live Radio, and Talk Radio with Bob Mills; coverage in the likes of Fame Magazine and RGM; before featuring on BBC Introducing East Midlands – with presenter Dean Jackson describing Aza as “a fascinating guy…multi-faceted”.

Find Aza Brown Here:


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