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Alive is Gunning for Allie’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Gunning for Allie’s single “Alive” effortlessly captures the essence of retro vibes, a delightful fusion of 80s-inspired sounds with a contemporary twist.

Alive is Gunning for Allie’s Single Out Now

This nod to the 80s, reminiscent of the cultural resurgence seen in TV series like Stranger Things, proves to be intriguing and globally appealing.

Gunning for Allie establishes a distinctive sound that not only aligns with mainstream genres but also positions them as contenders for the top of the charts.

The production of “Alive” is perfect, providing a seamless backdrop for an impeccable performance. The lyrics, infused with emotion, contribute to the overall moving quality of the song, while the sound remains pressingly engaging from start to finish.

The careful selection of sounds showcases the duo’s meticulous attention to detail, creating a sound that is rich and immersive.

Gunning for Allie is a remarkable find, and “Alive” shows their talent and versatility. I highly recommend this track to anyone seeking a harmonious blend of nostalgic and modern musical elements.

The duo’s ability to craft a sound that resonates across eras is very interesting, making them an exciting addition to the contemporary music scene.

Alive is Gunning for Allie’s Single Out Now!

Harmonious Blend!

Alive is Gunning for Allie’s Single Out Now

Gunning for Allie, formed by accomplished actor Joshua Mulheran & ‘Isla Vera’ frontman James Waters is a two piece Synth Pop-Rock Outfit from Brisbane. Their latest single Alive, released on November 17th, is the third single off EP Sleeping Alone. The two-piece has found online streaming success from their earlier Braille and subsequent Everyday War EP, with plans now to take their music to the next level.

Growing up and performing together in a high school rock band, Josh & James have always been a lethal writing duo. With Josh creating the canvas’ and lyrics and James sculpting the instrumentals, the two appear to capture a sincere & charming vocal dynamic behind a veil of soft piano hooks, 80’s inspired synths and energetic guitar hooks.

Gunning for Allie has found online streaming success with their first single Braille amassing 200,000 plays on Spotify.

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