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All By My Handsome Self is Robert Vendetta’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Robert Vendetta is back with a new amazing single and I want to share with you guys my opinion about it.

I really like the style of this artist and I’m already a long-time fan. His music puts me in a good mood even if it hides something mysterious and fascinating.

A complex and eclectic artist who ventures into little-known artistic paths.

Robert Vendetta likes to experiment and feels the passion with which he creates his songs.

His new single All By My Handsome Self has some 80’s vibes but I also heard The Beatles in it, the melodic line reminded me of some legendary bands from the past.

The song is accompanied by a nice video where the artist confronts himself with his alter ego and tries to keep himself company to pass those endless Sundays in the summer.

A beautiful song that manages to excite

All By My Handsome Self is Robert Vendetta’s Single Out Now!

Eclectic and Pure!


Quote: “I was actually going to rehearse some Soul Children songs – Norwegian gospel music – when “All By My Handsome Self” came to me. I did not play very well at that rehearsal but was very happy with the song I had written.”

On this song, Robert Vendetta draws his inspiration from the Soul Children songs he rehearsed, the riffing of Elton John and the melody of ABBA!

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