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All Hands On Deck is Miles East’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Miles East isn’t just dropping a single, he’s launching a full-blown sonic voyage with his “All Hands On Deck” super single.

All Hands On Deck is Miles East’s Single Out Now

All three tracks are charming, but the title song is the first to grab the wheel.

East’s voice is the captain, its intense timbre steering you through the lyrics with unwavering conviction. The song’s cadence is a delightful paradox – groovy enough to get your head nodding, yet dreamy enough to send you on a sonic daydream.

Influences peek through this sound, with echoes of The Beatles’ melodic charm, Bowie’s flamboyant theatricality, and Radiohead’s penchant for challenging soundscapes.

These elements combine with unexpected sonic flourishes, some even bordering on futuristic, keeping listeners on their toes.

The remaining tracks, “Lucky To Be Here Tonight” and “Better Than Here,” maintain the nostalgic yet refined vibe. There’s a touch of twilight mystery throughout the super single, adding to its charm.

East’s ability to translate emotions through music is undeniable. The tight-knit band operates with a palpable alchemy, each member complementing the other.

Production is professional, and the performances are masterful, making this a truly impressive discovery.

If you’re looking for music that’s adventurous, with a touch of twilight magic, then set sail with Miles East. “All Hands On Deck” is your perfect voyage.

All Hands On Deck is Miles East’s Single Out Now!


All Hands On Deck is Miles East’s Single Out Now

After more than a decade atop New York City’s recording scene as a premier session and touring drummer, Miles East (vocals, acoustic guitars, drums), was joined in the studio only by Morgan (bass, electric guitars, keyboards, backing vocals) and polymath and multi-hyphenate musician Justin Goldner (electric guitars, baritone) for this new record.

“Blake and I have worked in the studio together countless times—as we did on my first record,” explains East. “But we wanted to add a new flavor to the stew this time with Justin, who is as accomplished and stunning a musician as you’ll ever have the privilege to meet. The resulting aural stew, its scope, and depth, is an exquisitely rich one rendered by only us—three musicians.”

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