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All I Die For is SWiiMS’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
In the realm of music, there exists a twilight realm where ethereal sounds intertwine with crepuscular atmospheres. Within this sonic spectrum resides the enigmatic band SWiiMS.

All I Die For is SWiiMS’ Single Out Now

From the very first notes, their music casts an entrancing spell, evoking a mood reminiscent of ethereal luminaries like Mazzy Star and the avant-garde sensibilities of Radiohead.

Their brand of alternative rock is a nocturnal serenade, tailor-made for the denizens of the night.

What sets SWiiMS apart is their impeccable craftsmanship. Their arrangements are finely wrought, showcasing a discerning taste that is a hallmark of their artistic identity.

With each note, they create an intricate web of sound, weaving layers of sonic tapestry that resonate with elegance and quality.

The ethereal allure of the band’s music is further heightened by the captivating vocals of the lead singer, whose hypnotic timbre holds the listener in rapt attention.

It’s a voice that transports you to a dreamlike realm, where reality blurs and the music becomes an immersive experience.

“All I Die For” is a sonic gem that features a nostalgic and otherworldly guitar riff, a haunting and melancholic melody that lingers long after the song has ended.

SWiiMS’ artistic sensibilities shine through their work, proving that they possess a highly developed artistic taste.

Their music is not merely a collection of sounds but a vivid and intricate painting of emotions and atmospheres, where every brushstroke, or in this case, every musical note, is carefully considered.

All I Die For is SWiiMS’s Single Out Now!


All I Die For is SWiiMS’ Single Out Now

SWiiMS is an indie rock outfit from Toronto, Canada.  Singer Mai Diaz Langou & Guitarist Colin Thompson started writing songs together in late 2018.  Blending a mixture of his fuzzy, jangly, swirling guitar tones with her elegant poetry, textured melodies and languid voice.  Bassist Cian O’Ruanaidh joined shortly after, bringing a fresh voice, unique blend of influences and hooky bass lines to the group. 

Drawing influence from a diverse spectrum of artists, SWiiMS blends elements of 80’s New Wave, 90’s Shoegaze, Indie Rock, Brit Pop and Dream Pop together to arrive at a sound that is all their own. 

SWiiMS released their debut EP “Through Waves” in the spring of 2019 amid the growing pandemic.  Despite the shutdown, “Through Waves” enjoyed solid critical success and radio play and charted on the NCAA charts.  

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