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E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like – All Poets & Heroes

Good Day Noir Family,
our “E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to All Poets & Heroes. I discovered this Band while shuffling songs on Spotify and like their style a lot.

I was impressed with the creative ability of this band. A very refined and modern compositional style.

The thing I liked the most is that although the musical influences are evident these guys have managed to create a unique sound that stands out from the crowd.

The new single Colorful Lungs is a beautiful, nostalgic song that manages to speak directly to the heart and soul of the listener and is also able to make you fly with your imagination.

I closed my eyes while listening to this great tune and saw myself driving a convertible through the endless American roads one of those days when you just want to be with yourself and wander around the world.

The production is excellent and honestly, I have found no flaws in the sound of All Poets & Heroes. These guys offer music of the highest quality ready to entertain the masses around the world.

Colorful Lungs is All Poets & Heroes’ Single Out Now!

Refined and Nostalgic!


With their home in Syracuse, NY, All Poets & Heroes is an Indie-Art Rock group made up of longtime friends, Rob McCall and Corey Jordan. Opening up for prominent acts: Magic Giant, Maybird, Sam Roberts Band and The Stolen, the band caught the attention of New York’s locals which later opened the door for them to headline A Lovely Time Music Festival (2018 & 2019). After touring various venues in New York, All Poets & Heroes booked its first East Coast Tour (2018) and were later welcomed to perform at Denver Beer Co.’s Sun Drenched Music Fest (2019).

Following the release of their debut album “Occhiolism,” Rob and Corey teamed up with Audio Engineer, Mark Bengston, and Producer, Allen Tate (San Fermin) to give the newly written songs form. With the help of Nash Robb (bass), Ryan Jockel (drums), Zack Fitzgerald and Rob Zaccaria, the band brought life to the upcoming 2 part album titled, “Colorful Lungs.”

Drawing influences from legends such as: Radiohead, Jeff Buckley and Death Cab For Cutie, the group’s music embraces the eternal struggle we all have within – whether it’s a mental illness, addiction, regret or loneliness. The band’s name serves as a reminder that anyone can collectively exist as poets and heroes.

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