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Allemaal alleen is RHEIN ‘s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
In a world often characterized by its chaotic bustle, RHEIN’s latest single “Allemaal alleen” emerges as a soothing oasis, inviting listeners to embark on an introspective journey through the hidden corridors of their unconscious.

Allemaal alleen is RHEIN ‘s Single Out Now

A masterful blend of ethereal melodies, unexpected rhythmic shifts, and emotional crescendos, this Dutch-language track transcends linguistic barriers to deliver an entrancing musical experience.

From the very first notes, “Allemaal alleen” envelops its audience in a dreamscape of sound, where the boundaries between reality and reverie begin to blur.

RHEIN’s voice, a gentle whisper that seems to linger in the air, serves as a guiding light throughout this sonic odyssey. The introspective lyricism, though in a language foreign to many, becomes a conduit for universal emotions.

While the words may be enigmatic to those who don’t speak Dutch, the emotions they convey are anything but. The subtle nuances of RHEIN’s delivery allow the listener to grasp the essence of the song’s themes – a testament to the power of music as a language of its own.

Around the two-and-a-half-minute mark, “Allemaal alleen” takes an unexpected and exhilarating turn, unveiling an intricate change in rhythm.

This sonic twist serves as a wake-up call, a reminder that life itself is full of unforeseen shifts and surprises. Just as one becomes comfortably immersed in the gentle embrace of the initial melody, the song’s rhythm veers into uncharted territory, expertly mirroring the unpredictability of our own personal journeys.

As the track progresses, it becomes clear that RHEIN has masterfully crafted a crescendo of emotions, woven together with threads of soft paranoia.

The listener becomes a captive audience, spellbound and held captive by the allure of the music. This delicate balance between euphoria and unease keeps us glued to the speakers, unable to tear ourselves away from the sonic tapestry that unfolds before us.

One of the most striking aspects of “Allemaal alleen” is its unwavering ability to evoke feelings and sensations, transcending the limitations of language.

While the Dutch lyrics may remain shrouded in mystery, RHEIN’s music speaks volumes, reminding us that the true power of art lies in its capacity to stir the depths of our souls.

Allemaal alleen is RHEIN ‘s Single Out Now!

Pure Rock!

Allemaal alleen is RHEIN ‘s Single Out Now

RHEIN is the musical alter-ego of Reinier van den Haak (Krach, Roosbeef). After focusing more on his work as a psychologist in recent years he decided to unite both passions. In a neo-Freudian quest for less ratio and more feeling, RHEIN started tracking the content of his dreams, to use as inspiration for music.

RHEIN’s first work is being created, the EP: Die Traumdeutung. For this, cooperation was sought with old acquaintances: producer/bassist Erik Harbers (Automatic Sam, the Niemanders) and jazz drummer Ruud Voesten (Ambrosia, Krach) complement the trio RHEIN. Gijs Coolen (Anneke van Giersbergen, Woost) took care of the recording and mixing of die Traumdeutung.

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