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Always is Khaïr’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
New artist Khaïr blasts onto the scene with “Always,” a single dripping with psychedelic cool.

Always is Khaïr’s Single Out Now

The track pulsates with a hypnotic groove, laying the foundation for a passionate vocal performance.

Khaïr emerges as a true visionary. His voice is a standout, a soulful croon that echoes with the ethereal quality of an oracle lost in space. The reverb-laden vocals add a layer of mystery, drawing the listener deeper into Khaïr’s sonic world.

The funky guitar riffs reminded me of the Red Hot Chili Peppers at their most playful, adding a dose of familiar energy.

“Always” is a unique blend of past and future. It draws inspiration from classic psychedelic rock but injects a futuristic edge, creating a sound that feels timeless and innovative.

This isn’t just a song, it’s a journey. The dynamics shift organically, keeping the listener engaged from the opening notes to the final fade. It’s music that makes you want to move, to lose yourself in the swirling vortex of sound.

Khaïr is a name to watch. “Always” is a thrilling introduction, a song that marks the arrival of a visionary artist with a sound like no other.

Always is Khaïr’s Single Out Now!


French-born musician Khaïr, known for his electrifying blend of rock and evocative Arabic influences, returns with a powerful new single, “Always”.

This song is about finding the strength within ourselves to overcome challenges,” says Khaïr. “‘Always’ reflects the idea that even when faced with adversity, there’s a source of strength we can always rely on, whether it be faith, inner resolve, or a loved one.

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