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America is For You Brother’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
From the opening notes, For You Brother’s “America” grabs you by the collar and pulls you into a whirlwind of hard rock energy.

America is For You Brother’s Single Out Now

The song is a tribute to the United States, a nation celebrating its independence, and it’s the perfect soundtrack for the occasion.

Powerful guitar riffs and a driving rhythm section set the tone for this anthem. The drums pound like a blacksmith’s hammer, while the bass and guitar intertwine like inseparable companions.

It’s clear that this band is composed of seasoned musicians, their songwriting skills evident in the well-crafted harmonies and non-repetitive chord progressions.

The song’s lyrics are a celebration of America’s spirit, its resilience, and its promise. The singer’s voice soars above the music, delivering the message with passion and conviction.

It’s a song that makes you want to stand up tall and proud, to be part of something bigger than yourself.

“America” is a song that reminds us of the power of music to unite people and inspire them to believe in something greater.

America is For You Brother’s Single Out Now!


For You Brother are John Davis, Jean Carlos & Phil Noah. They are currently in many tv shows, movies & adds worldwide. Jean & John also play in the Jimi Bennett Band. Jean has sold over 5 million records with his band Oficina G3 in Brazil.

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