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Amplify Me is Blueburst’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Blueburst with a powerful epic track, are you ready for this experience?

Amplify Me is Blueburst’s Single Out Now

The guitar sound that introduces this tune immediately hooked me.

Powerful and direct, with all the aggressive overtones I want to hear in an alternative rock guitar.

Amplify Me is flawlessly melodically and rhythmically built. In some moments it reminded me of the compositional style of Live.

The harmonic refinement is captivating and the sounds are spiced up with generous reverb creating an ethereal halo around the track.

Bluebursts manage to speak directly to the listener’s soul with nostalgic, touching melodies that have however psychedelic ‘soundstrokes’ that leave hope.

The bridge after 2.10 minutes is beautiful, those distant choirs made me think of post-apocalyptic, ‘Mad Maxian’, scenarios.

10 out of 10!

Amplify Me is Blueburst’s Single Out Now!

Dangerously Beautiful!

Amplify Me is Blueburst’s Single Out Now

“Amplify Me” is a hard charging heavy rock piece, dealing with human beings’ need to be heard, and the rage that’s created when they feel they aren’t. The narrator of the song is someone feeling this anger, who by the end of the song is bordering on violent action. It was inspired by all the events happening around Summer 2020, in which there was rage aplenty on all sides. The sound is a bigger heavier guitar that most of our stuff, reflecting that angst.

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