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Anaté New Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Anaté in the past but her new single 3am is out now and I want to share my thoughts about it.

What a beautiful voice this artist has, and what a beautiful song she offers us again.

A hot and sexy voice…sincerely Anaté with her singing qualities could even sing the phone book.

This song would make the perfect soundtrack for a James Bond movie. Refine melodies that take into account every smallest nuance.

The vocal interpretation of Anaté does the rest and manages to immerse you in this parallel world where I saw myself driving my Porsche through the streets of Monte Carlo at 3am.

The production is top-notch and the mix is absolutely professional.

A song that speaks directly to your soul and your heart.

Add it to your playlists and you will make many people happy.

3am is Anaté ‘s Single Out Now!

Refinedly Sexy!


3am talks about that moment at the end of a party when the music fades and “it’s too late to leave alone”. It’s a sexy song, written in one go, overnight. The music is built around the vocal melody, arranged with acoustic instruments (piano, bass, drums) supported by electronic textures and sparse guitars, helping the music to grow in intensity as the lyrics develops.

Find Anaté Here:


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