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Ancora is Waves Crashing’ Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Waves Crashing’s EP “Ancora” delivers a magical experience with its ethereal vibes. The band has undeniably crafted a signature sound that intrigues from the very beginning.

Ancora is Waves Crashing’ Ep Out Now

The opening tracks, “Rose Hue” and “Sleepwalk,” set a strong tone with a compelling rhythm and a charming halo.

The combination of these elements evokes vibes reminiscent of R.E.M with a Pet Shop Boys twist, creating a unique sonic landscape.

As the EP progresses, the mood shifts with more introspective tunes like “Everything” and “Wish.”

The clever division of the EP into two halves, with a shift towards epic and alternative rock nuances in the latter songs, adds a dynamic quality to the listening experience.

This showcases the band’s kaleidoscopic personality and their ability to navigate through different sonic realms seamlessly.

Throughout “Ancora,” Waves Crashing presents a cohesive collection of solid songs, creating a fantastic album that spans various musical influences.

The band’s ability to blend elements of alternative rock and grunge in the latter part of the EP adds depth and richness to their overall sound.

Waves Crashing has not only established their signature style but has also demonstrated a versatility that keeps the listener engaged and intrigued from start to finish.

Ancora is Waves Crashing’ Ep Out Now!

kaleidoscopic Personality!

Ancora is Waves Crashing’ Ep Out Now

The EP (which is Italian for the word ‘still’) winningly blends elements of melancholic 80s new wave with the fuzzy guitar and dreamy goodness of 90s shoegaze. The band will be showcasing their new EP at Seattle’s Tremolo Fest next month as an EP release party following.

Formed in 2019, the Olympia-based, Waves Crashing, infuses lush soundscapes into fresh melodic hooks putting a new spin on alternative music from the 80s & 90s.  Since forming, Waves Crashing have released a handful of singles and EP’s, including the Sea of Wires EP, which debuted globally on the shoegaze radio station, DKFM.

Waves Crashing have been fortunate to play at the LoveOly Summer Fest in the middle of downtown Olympia, as well as being tapped to play at the inaugural South Sound Block Party alongside groups like Bully, The Cave Singers, and The Districts during the summer of ’22. The band’s latest EP, High/Low, features mixing by engineers James Aparicio (Depeche Mode, Spiritualized, Mogwai) and Kurt Roy (Sea Salt, Fern Murphy), containing standout tracks “In My Head” and “High/Low”, some of the most well received songs in the bands’ ever-expanding catalog.

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