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Angst Music is Laurie Black’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Laurie Black’s album “Angst Music” is a bold leap into the future of music. Her fusion of electronic, industrial, and alternative elements with a punk approach creates a sound that is not only innovative but also refreshingly irreverent.

Angst Music is Laurie Black’s Album Out Now

From the first listen, it becomes clear that this music is something truly unique. It’s a sonic journey that feels like a soundtrack for a post-apocalyptic world, akin to the atmosphere of movies like “Mad Max.”

The gritty, industrial textures combined with electronic elements set a dystopian tone that is captivating and immersive.

What stands out is the amalgamation of influences. The vibes of Prodigy, known for their electronic prowess, blend seamlessly with the raw and rebellious spirit reminiscent of Courtney Love.

Laurie Black’s artistic vision shines through every track, and her ability to blend these diverse influences into a cohesive and engaging musical experience is remarkable.

The choice of soundscapes and instrumentation is well thought out, contributing to the album’s overall atmospheric and otherworldly feel. Laurie Black has crafted her own musical universe, a limbo where her artistic expression knows no bounds.

“Angst Music” is a sonic adventure that challenges the norms and takes the listener on a wild ride through a musical landscape that is both dark and electrifying.

Angst Music is Laurie Black’s Album Out Now!

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Angst Music is Laurie Black’s Album Out Now

Classically-trained pianist turned synthesiser-wielder, Brighton based Laurie Black has performed around the world at festivals, tents, music venues and public toilets. With a unique blend of electronic synthrock and satire, she’s been described as the “lovechild of Victoria Wood and Gary Numan”. As well as being a “powerhouse” of the global Fringe scene (Edinburgh, Adelaide, Reykjavik), she notably toured as solo support act for Adam Ant’s Antics tour in 2022. Her new (and best) album Angst Music is out now.

A step up from Black’s previous work, this album finds her voice with use of drum machines, sequencers and retro synths. Featuring toured favourites Spacejunk, Moonstruator and Content Warning, this 9 track banger truly showcases the genre Laurie think she’s made up – aka synthrock.
Starring collaborations with David Ryder Prangley on guitars and backing vocals (Work When Ur Dead) and Melbourne, Australia’s Nighteyes (Queen Solstice ft. Nighteyes).


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