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Anny is Pini Gurfil’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviwed Pini Gurfil in the past but this talented artist is back with a new cool single and I want to share my opinion about it.

The hypnotic atmosphere of the music proposed by this artist is also confirmed in the new single Anny.

A deep and nostalgic song that has the ability to speak directly to the heart and soul of the listener. I really liked the effect used on the voice that makes it very intriguing and different from usual.

The chord progression is solid and manages to entertain the listener from the first to the last second with the right rhythmic and melodic variations.

The production is excellent and in particular the mix that leaves the right space for each sound element and the song breathes well.

Pini Gurfil is absolutely reconfirmed

Anny is Pini Gurfil’s Single Out Now!

Mature and Vintage!


Anny is Pini’s third single (following Fade Away and Reborn). The song’s narrative deals with human undertaking in relationship; in particular, the intricate mental network weaved by psychotherapy. The song dwells upon the inter-relations between mental resurrection and the underlying anxiety, while investigating the prospects and process of mental salvation. It includes an expert from a speech by philosopher Alan Watts. The song is melodically dynamic, with the 6/8 meter endowing it with a retro-rock vibe.

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