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Anthology II is Bringer Of Light’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Brace yourself, because Bringer Of Light’s “Anthology II” isn’t just an EP; it’s a cinematic experience.

Anthology II is Bringer Of Light’s Ep Out Now

Hitting play is like stepping into a Lars von Trier film, one where dark soundscapes and unsettling beauty intertwine.

This music demands your full immersion, no questions asked. Prepare to be confronted, challenged, and ultimately, captivated.

While the initial impact might be intense, there’s an underlying harmony within this sonic chaos. Each track paints a vivid picture, perhaps unsettling, but undoubtedly profound.

“The Towers and The Acolytes Master” transport you on an epic descent into the underworld, a journey both thrilling and introspective.

“Sterlin Malory Archer Master” stands out with its killer guitar riff, reminiscent of Korn’s signature sound. The atmospheric pads create a sinister halo around the song, further amplifying its unnerving yet strangely magnetic aura.

And if you get swept away by the dark wave, just wait till “Get Over Here Master” throws you, with some passages, headfirst into Norwegian black metal territory, channeling the spirit of Burzum with its raw power.

But the crown jewel might just be the first track that I left at the end of this review in purpose, “The Ascension of the One Master.”

Here, Bringer Of Light showcases their full sonic palette, unleashing a powerful blend of intricate keys, captivating chord progressions, dynamic rhythm shifts, and masterful execution. Show the visionay mind of Brad TBOLT unleashed with no rules and limits but only artistic instinct.

Just be prepared to face the darkness and discover the unexpected beauty within.

Anthology II is Bringer Of Light’s Ep Out Now!


Anthology II is Bringer Of Light’s Ep Out Now

Bringer Of Light is a TX-based, self-labeled “deathcore-ish project”, though AMERICAN INDUSTRIAL DEATHCORE” is more fit. Anthology II is a continuation of last year’s Anthology I. While last year’s release paid homage to fictional serial killers, Anthology II is instrumental; a blank canvas for the listener to come up with their own deranged fantasies.


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