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Apologia is We Are Space Horses’ Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
We Are Space Horses’ album “Apologia” takes listeners on a cosmic journey filled with psychedelic vibes and ethereal melodies.

Apologia is We Are Space Horses’ Album Out Now

The band’s name aptly reflects the atmospheric and otherworldly nature of their music. From the first notes, the listener is transported into a sonic universe where each track serves as a celestial destination.

The album’s universal rock sound is characterized by rich reverbs and intricate guitar-driven compositions.

While the band, in my opinion,  draws inspiration from the rock of the past, especially the guitar-centric sound of the 70s, they skillfully infuse their music with modern nuances and innovations.

What sets We Are Space Horses apart is their ability to create a distinctive sound that resonates with listeners, carving out a unique niche in the crowded music scene.

The exploration of space is not just a theme in their name but a sonic narrative throughout the album.

Each song contributes to the cosmic journey, with the listener discovering new worlds and galaxies through the band’s musical expressions.

One of the strengths of “Apologia” lies in its solid songwriting. Every track stands on its own, contributing to the overall cohesiveness of the album.

We Are Space Horses showcase their ability to craft quality music that entertains the audience from start to finish. The album’s limbo of sound, balancing between the past and the present, shows the band’s musical dexterity.

Apologia is We Are Space Horses’ Album Out Now!


Apologia is We Are Space Horses’ Album Out Now

We Are Space Horses is a psychedelic rock band from Somerville, MA made up of singer / guitarist Kevin Vanderhoof, bassist Gabbi Vanderfood, and drummer Eric Hochwald. We Are Space Horses formed in 2017 in Stroudsburg PA. Kevin was already
involved in the Stroudsburg music scene playing bass for stoner/doom metal band King Dead, and he wanted to create his own project that displayed his love for 60s/70s psychedelic and progressive rock. There he met Gabbi, a talented bass player who has
a love for indie and alternative rock. They then formed a band called the Equestranauts with a local drummer and melded their influences of psychedelic, progressive, stoner and alternative rock to write and record an album called Apologia. Often asked by fans “what’s an Equestranaut”, they changed their band name to the answer to that question: We Are Space Horses.

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