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Around And Around Is Moontwin Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I like this Duo and every time I listen to a new song from them I’m always want to share my thoughts about it, this time is the turn of Around And Around.

Another hypnotic song by this talented duo, sometimes I think that these guys were already around the world in the 60s because they manage to bring into their music the psychedelic style of those years that resulted in the legendary concert of Woodstock in 69.

I would have seen the Moontwin well on that stage while the guys in the audience would have danced with slow and repetitive movements making the sound of this band and the drugs flow in the blood.

The music of Moontwins carries a mystery and unique magic that has the ability to strike me every time.

Around And Around is Moontwin’s Single Out Now!



Quote: “Sometimes songs come to you in dreams. Zac was woken up by the chorus of ‘Around And Around’ one night earlier this summer. After singing the half-conscious melody into his phone he fell back to sleep. In this track Moontwin tell the story of coming to terms with the inevitable emotional and physical changes that come with age and the passing of time. The naive promises and narcissistic desires of youthful hedonism and ambition are dulled. Softened out. A gradual rising. An understanding of acceptance and compromise emerges. Beauty and wealth can exist in life’s rich detail and the awareness of our own motivations and imperfect desires.

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